Harmonica Heroes

Harmonica Masters, David Barrett, Kinya Pollard and Joe Felisko


There are many times we believe we are alone in what we do. We for­get all those who have made who we are to be a dai­ly real­i­ty.

We must think hard and remem­ber care­ful­ly the many times chal­lenges that have come our way and the many souls who have made it pos­si­ble for us to make it through those times of hard­ship and frus­tra­tion which even­tu­al­ly have turned to suc­cess only because some­where deep inside we have the answer an answer giv­en to us many years ago or just yes­ter­day by anoth­er friend broth­er or men­tor.
Think on this for a moment and you will remem­ber the many moments, thoughts and ideas we have been ben­e­fi­cia­ries of. Har­mon­i­ca a very small instru­ment and yet very com­pli­cat­ed and very rich with dynam­ics, dynam­ics that take many years to under­stand and dis­cov­er. Teach­ers who have spent many years and dis­cov­ered the secrets of these instru­ments and are will­ing to share them with us are the dif­fer­ence. David Bar­rett, Kenya Pol­lard and Joe Felisko were the ones in my life who made the dif­fer­ence. I am in a place today I would nev­er be in if it wasn’t for their insights and many years of prac­tice they put into the instru­ment and are will­ing to share with us those insights we need and would take us years to dis­cov­er on our own. Yes we must put those same years in our­selves to become great at play­ing this very sim­ple instru­ment, but their input works in our hearts, souls and minds and gives us the pow­er to leapfrog into play­ing as we nev­er imag­ined we would. Some­thing that would not have been pos­si­ble with­out the input these play­ers have giv­en us.
Take a moment and reach out to those who have made a dif­fer­ence to you and let them know that with­out them your road would have been longer and hard­er and you may have nev­er reached the oth­er side. Remem­ber and be grate­ful.
Reach out and thank them. They may need the input and you and you will grow in under­stand­ing when you stop and think for a while.

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