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Harmonica Heroes

Har­mon­i­ca Heroes: THE STUDENT AND HIS MASTERS There are many times we believe we are alone in what we do. We for­get all those who have made who we are to be a dai­ly real­i­ty. We must think hard and remem­ber care­ful­ly the many times chal­lenges that have come our way and the many souls […]


A good friend once told me to write about what I love. ARTIST: 5 of my Top Inspi­ra­tors Michelan­ge­lo: In his life­time he was also often called Il Divi­no (“the divine one”). Lived and ded­i­cat­ed 88 yrs to pas­sion and art. One of the qual­i­ties most admired by his con­tem­po­raries was his abil­i­ty to cre­ate […]

My Mama Don’t Told Me

My par­ents always threat­ened me with the fol­low­ing state­ment: ” If you don’t study hard and work hard you will end up a sec­re­tary and have to type all the time and you know how much you hate that!” Well we stud­ied hard, we made the grade and for a few years in the 70’s […]

How Should We Pitch New Business?

I read this arti­cle and it struck me how we have left cre­ative in the wings in favor of tac­tics and tech­nol­o­gy so I ask? A Bet­ter Way to Pitch Time to Trash the Old Way of Doing Capa­bil­i­ties Pre­sen­ta­tions Phil John­son is CEO of PJA Adver­tis­ing & Mar­ket­ing   “What ever hap­pened to […]