How Should We Pitch New Business?

I read this arti­cle and it struck me how we have left cre­ative
in the wings in favor of tac­tics and tech­nol­ogy so I ask?

A Bet­ter Way to Pitch

Time to Trash the Old Way of Doing Capa­bil­i­ties Pre­sen­ta­tions
Phil John­son is CEO of PJA Adver­tis­ing & Marketing


What ever hap­pened to cre­ative insights, cre­ative point of dif­fer­ence,
for that mat­ter cre­ative seems to have taken a back seat to tech­nol­ogy
and place­ment. We seem so star struck by all the options we have
for­got­ten the mes­sage. My chal­lenge to you is this. Name one client,
prod­uct or ser­vice and clearly state the posi­tion they hold in
the mar­ket. You can’t. Nor can I. What is the Real thing today.
It is all over the place and with­out focus.”

When it comes to cre­ative and agen­cies we have for­got­ten our souls. We are more
con­cerned with where we place ads than what we say in ads. The dis­ci­pline of keep­ing to
the brand posi­tion, a sin­gle minded and clear mes­sage has been lost. Replaced by
inse­cu­rity and a sense of being left behind.

Tech­nol­ogy is not cre­ative any­more than a tele­phone or a car. They are sim­ply meth­ods
by which we com­mu­ni­cate. The object is inert the mes­sage is alive.

As adver­tis­ing agen­cies we should be focused on the mes­sage and not the means or
tech­nol­ogy to be used. We can “google” the exper­tise in tech­nol­ogy and find many
suit­able sources. But the think­ing and insight is not some­thing one can “google“
it is arrived at through think­ing and study.

We should all walk into pre­sen­ta­tions today with the knowl­edge that all of these forms
of tech­nol­ogy are avail­able to all of us. We should focus on our think­ing and our
insights and how they sete us apart from the rest of the agen­cies, bou­tiques etc.

As we approach New busi­ness we should again stand out with our think­ing and focus
on the Brand and develop insights that set us apart from the rest. Set­ting
the Brand apart from the rest of the mar­ket is our goal.

Before the pre­sen­ta­tion, we set our­selves apart through insight­ful strat­egy.
Have con­fi­dence in our team and step out with early com­mu­ni­ca­tion, directly
if pos­si­ble. A cre­ative direct mail piece, an Ad, a video, a web site, etc.
some­thing to show you are dif­fer­ent from the pack.

Dur­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion, we present in a unique way not as the norm would have it.
Stand out through method, Act out the pre­sen­ta­tion as if it were on a Broad­way stage,
Dress like the Blue Man Group. Pick a point of dif­fer­ence and fol­low your cre­ative gut.
You must stand out as dif­fer­ent. Don’t present but ask ques­tions and lis­ten to the
client and their needs.  Your posi­tion is every­thing you have to offer make it count.

After the pre­sen­ta­tion, fol­low up with a mean­ing­ful doc­u­ment or com­mu­ni­ca­tion
some­thing again to set your group apart. A news release, A com­men­tary on the busi­ness,
A blog post, a YouTube video thank you, again set your­self apart from the crowd as you
intend to set the Brand apart from the rest of the Brands in the Marketplace.

If you get the busi­ness, remem­ber how you got the busi­ness and do not fal­ter from
your posi­tion and direc­tion, always seek the unique posi­tion and the point of
dif­fer­ence for your Brand. Be con­sis­tent in your focus on the Brand posi­tion
and be sure to have a con­sis­tent mes­sage that is rec­og­niz­able and clearly defin­able
by the consumer.

We all know of bat­ting aver­ages, 3 out of 10 is great. We need to be pre­pared
to loose our shirts most of the time. So it is imper­a­tive to cre­ate as we would for a client
a clear point of dif­fer­ence for our Brand and what we stand for. These things add up
to fame and for­tune. Think of Bog­art, Wayne, Bacall, etc. and why we remem­ber them.
We are no dif­fer­ent. We must stand for some­thing as should the Brands we represent.

What is your cre­ative dif­fer­ence? What sets you apart from the crowd? Remem­ber
that as we set Brands apart in the mar­ket, we must set our­selves apart as well. Are we
will­ing to set our­selves apart? Do we have the courage to stand out and be loved
or hated? We must if we want to stand out in the storm of com­pe­ti­tion which sur­rounds us.

Again we must stand out, before, dur­ing, after the pre­sen­ta­tion to insure con­sid­er­a­tion
and con­tinue with this posi­tion if we get the busi­ness as this posi­tion got us that
same business.

   “Let us all remem­ber Tac­tics, Tech­nol­ogy and place­ment are avail­able
to all of us. It is strat­egy and think­ing that set us apart from the crowd.
Where do you Stand?”

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One Response to How Should We Pitch New Business?

  1. annemonson says:

    Solid insight that seems to get lost in the cur­rent flood of techno-wizardry. Tech­nol­ogy is the tool. With­out the cre­ative insight, spark, tal­ent it will not whir or spin. It is just technology.

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